Mental health expertise


Part of the Next Health team, MindSense Occupational Psychiatry supports Australian businesses to manage the increasingly important issue of workplace mental health.

Our focus is on optimising outcomes for employees and employers, providing timely and appropriate treatment where required, minimising disruption to business and ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Through Next Health and MindSense, you have access to a rich resource of knowledge and experience across the entire range of mental health sub-specialties. This cross-disciplinary approach ensures the right expertise is available for every situation, and facilitates effective teamwork with all other parties, medical or administrative, involved in the management of individual cases.

By working with our cross-disciplinary team, clients are equipped to prevent future problems, instigate action at the first sign of issues to improve outcomes, and identify the best way forward.

What’s Next?

Contact our experienced team for expert guidance and to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can select the Consultant that best suits your needs and make a direct booking online. Telehealth appointments can also be made where it is not possible to attend in person.