Part of Medilaw Group


In 2017, Next Health came together with Medilaw, MindSense Occupational Psychiatry and the Australian Medico-Legal Group of New South Wales to become Medilaw Group. This amalgamation – four quality organisations under the umbrella of one – meant that local expertise remained and was further supported by national resources and service delivery. The Group further expanded in mid-2019, with the inclusion of the New South Wales based Medico Legal Opinions.

We are also part of MedHealth. MedHealth supports thousands of people each year to achieve better work and health outcomes through a unique combination of strengths, capabilities and resources, which span healthcare management, medical opinion, advisory, employment, health and business technology, rehabilitation and return to work services.

To develop innovative wellbeing and work solutions across the health pathway of an individual, Next Health has formed strong relationships with like-minded organisations from within MedHealth. These sister organisations include WorkFocus Australia, a national workplace rehabilitation provider who, like Next Health, is the largest provider in their field within Western Australia, and exercise physiology provider Be Active Health Solutions.