Our company


Founded by Perth-based medical specialists seeking the responsiveness and flexibility they believe is inherent in locally resourced and delivered solutions, Next Health has flourished to become one of the leading providers of independent specialist opinion across Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Our steady growth to local market leader is a direct result of the careful recruitment and retention of highly regarded medical consultants. We are proud that many of these consultants have chosen to work exclusively with Next Health for their medico-legal work, providing unique access to experienced specialists who have conducted thousands of assessments.

From inception until today, we have always placed great value on the development of long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships. These relationships help us to remain responsive to the needs of organisations seeking to help people through complex medical, legal or compensation systems, while treating the people affected by injury or illness, whether physical or psychological, with the utmost care and attention.

Smiling young woman shaking hand of doctor standing at reception


We care about people

Our team, our consultants, our customers and clients. Objective specialist opinion is all about people. We seek to embrace the needs of all of those who work with us, ultimately allowing us to understand people affected by ill health or injury and apply our experience and the evidence to determine where to from here.

We specialise in mental health

After many years in psychiatric occupational health, we resolved to become the leading provider in this increasingly important field by joining with MindSense Occupational Psychiatry. Together, we provide timely and appropriate opinions and advice to minimise the disruption of mental health on people and business. We also impart our knowledge of mental health into all other areas of our service offering, understanding that a person’s physical and mental health is intrinsically linked.

We harness a sense of belonging

All aspects of our service delivery processes – from initial appointment booking and management, to how we communicate and our consulting room facilities – are purposefully designed to maximise the flow of information and provide a clear and seamless service between all stakeholders.

We support our community

Giving back is in our nature and something that we love to do. A number of causes have benefited from our social awareness and contribution; a particular favourite is when we, along with our consultants, donate the time and cost of an appointment to fundraise for local health and educational programs. It is a simple but meaningful way in which our work can make a positive change within the community.


As part of MedHealth, Next Health is a proud signatory to the Australian Consensus Statement on realising the Health Benefits of Work. We understand the value of work to an individual’s health and wellbeing, offering support and encouragement to those attempting to realise the benefits of good work.