Next Health brings the Human Touch to Perth

The Next Health team recently hosted a powerful breakfast seminar in Perth called “The Human Touch – Improving health and work outcomes for everyone”.

As part of MedHealth, Next Health pulled together speakers and perspectives from its ‘sister’ organisations including WorkFocus Australia, atWork Australia and Be Active Health Solutions.

The event was conceived of and first held in Perth and then crossed the country to Brisbane to critical acclaim, including feedback such as, “Great range of people on the panel, good leading questions, it would be hard to say you did not take something away from that particular seminar, I think Shaun touched everyone’s heart in some way.”

Our panelists discussed:

  • The psychology that drives different recovery outcomes
  • Reasons behind a successful or unsuccessful return to work, life and health
  • Importance of physical activity for both physical and mental health wellbeing
  • Importance of good work for both physical and mental health wellbeing

The theory of recovery was brought to life by Shaun Pianta, atWork Australia’s DES Ambassador and Paralympian, who shared his powerful experience as he had to reassess what he wanted to achieve in work and life, after losing 90% of his vision. This was followed by an informative and engaging Q&A session to improve health and work outcomes for everyone.